Big group outing near Folsom

Karen, Dan, and I headed off early this morning to meet up with a large contingent from the GBA for some Sacramento area caches that could fill some folks Fizzy Challenge squares. We met at False Bottom (D4.5 T4), which I guess is in Roseville. There were about 18 of us (too large), so no cache lasted long before being spotted.

From there we headed off to Folsom Lake to seek The Hunt for Capitan Folsom’s Fortune (D5 T4). This was a basically a multi-cache. I suppose we might have completed it (more slowly) but we had a previous finder along as a guide dropping subtle hints. As we hiked along for the different stages, we picked up another four caches.

About lunch-time we were off to Scoobert’s Sunken Treasure (D4.5 T3.5) which required a trip into waste deep water and knee deep mud. Several were suited up for it, but three gung-ho guys jumped in, and everyone else let them do the searching. We guided them a bit from the shore to where the GPSr was pointing, and they had in short order. We found one more around the lake (and DNF’d one that was missing).

At this point, we split from the large group and went over near Highway 50 in Eldorado Hills. Picked up six in that area, and then drove towards Cal State Sacramento where Dan wanted to pick up some puzzles.

We found four, which I solved in the next day or so. We DNF’d Cryptanalysis after a very long search. It’s now been disabled by the reviewer and is on it’s way to being archived unless the owner takes action.

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