Bend, while the rest go to Sisters

Some of the family wanted to go to Sisters today, and then go swimming, so Dan, Janet, and I split off and hunted caches in Bend.

Big Eddy’s Nightmare–Momma Micro Is Pregnant (9:44 AM). I thought this one was on Highway 20 and guessed it was inside a building from the description, but it wasn’t. It was big and easy to find and was the closest cache to the house.

B.S.P.S. #1 Providence (9:57 AM). This one is just a couple of blocks from Nostrada, but we never did make a connection with him. Perhaps it was just an inconvenient time in his schedule.

B.S.P.S. #2 Mountain View (10:23 AM). We didn’t get the math to quite work out on this one, but since we had a bearing that made sense, we just checked in the most obvious spots and found the cache.

Dance (10:37 AM) is a virtual that took us inside the hospital to a beautiful wood sculpture.

Dusty Trails & Dusty Trails2 (11:10 AM). We had to hunt for the first stage because the coords were about 30 ft off. Second stage was easy.

Beginning Larkspur Trail (11:45 AM) was quick. Dan found it with a dripping wet log.

Wagons Ho! Elliott trail of 1853 (11:51 AM)

Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Puddin’ (12:08 PM)

Development (12:21 PM)

Along the trail (12:31 PM)

Urban Arbor (1:19 PM). I remember looking for this one last year with no luck. Finally found it this time in an area that I’m sure I must have looked before.

Lunch with a lone juniper (1:59 PM). We started looking around the old Mill district and found this one.

Shelter from the storm (2:14 PM). Dan scrambled up to retrieve this one.

Farewell Bend (2:21 PM). Under the bridge and blends in well.

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