A Labor Day hike in Monte Bello OSP

Moss Technology qualifies to fill in one of my unfound DT squares. I solved it a couple of days ago, so when Dan wanted to go caching together today, I suggested we go get it, and then go for a hike in Monte Bello OSP.

Moss Technology was easy to find, but solving it took me some time. I was never really stumped—it just took a while to gather the tools I needed from the internet.

Our hike was probably 6 to 8 miles. We took a rather round-a-bout loop, dropping way down into the canyon and then climbing back up to the ridge line. I think we found about 17 caches in the OSP.

On the way home, after pizza at Applewood in Los Altos, we stopped for two puzzles Dan had solved near 237 and 101. We found on and DNF’d the other (which was a very littered location).

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