A great hike

Dan, Janet, Mark and I went to the Cascade Falls trail-head for a nice hike, some of which was off trail. The girls went to a nearby park for play time.

The first part of the hike was fairly flat and easy. At the top of Cascade Falls we found Kolly Wobbels #10 Cascade Falls at 9:22 AM. This is a nice overlook of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe beyond. The creek running nearby makes this a very enjoyable spot.

Then we headed up-hill, off trail on lots of sloping granite shelfs. We found Kolly Wobbels #11 Survivor at an old cedar tree about 9:45 AM.

Next, we headed up to Kolly Wobbels #12 Non-Survivor. Found it at 10:11 AM.

Continuing on up to an even steeper part of the hill, we went to Kolly Wobbels #13 Cascade View. The climb is not technically challenging; it was just steep and getting hot. We found it at 10:25 AM.

On the way back home, we found a parking space beside the road (it was very crowded) and took our pictures at the virtual cache at Inspiration Point.

After hiking back to the car, we began driving back to our house. Stopped at D.L. Bliss state park (just parked off the highway) and looked for Balancing Cache, so named because of a huge granite boulder that is supported at just a couple of spots. Janet found it at 12:15 PM as we all looked at the promising hiding locations.

Kim’s Overlook was another stop beside the highway. It’s easy to not see this cliff that towers over the highway. We took a trail around to the backside, but then followed a trail under a power line that was a steep, dusty ascent. We found it at 1:05 PM.

After an outside dinner at the Bridge Tender cafe, we all walked over to the park area by fanny bridge. I didn’t have my GPSr, but Dan acted like one since he had already found the cache, and pointed in a direction and said, “200 feet.” Well, there was a pretty likely spot in that direction, so I checked, and sure enough, found All Shapes & Sizes II at 7:32 PM.

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