A few easy ones

Karen felt like going out and walking a little, so we took Dan and Janet and headed to Danville. 580 was jammed for some reason, so I went the back way. Stopped at the old Finley School and Dan and Janet hunted, then noted that the last log said it was missing. Next we stopped along Sycamore Valley road for Waterfall, and had a nice walk, and then realized it was inactive. Next we stopped for them to find Nuts to all these Iron Horse Caches and It Took Long Enough.

I can’t Livery without you was next up in the Danville Livery shopping mall. It was really busy—kids doing trick or treat, and a Ferrari rally (more Ferraris in one place than I think I’ve ever seen). We were quite sure where it was under a wooden bench, but it took a while to find the right time to retrieve it. i think Janet finally managed it at around 2:35 PM. It was velcroed under the back bottom of the bench.

I remembered there was a cache reached from a trailhead on Starmont, so I used the Honda Navigation gps to auto route us there. It’s an easy trailhead to overlook. Karen stayed in the car (she was getting tired), and we charged up the hill to find Crazy Horse Cache at 3:13 PM.

Heading back towards home, we took Diablo Road and made a quick grab of Green Valley Blues at 3:33 PM. Under a sidewalk mailbox. –>

Our final stop was at Gateway to Diablo. Looks like this was an old gate on the Mount Diablo entrance road. We looked for quite a while. I was not thinking clearly about how to search, so I didn’t find it. Dan did. Found it about 3:58 PM.

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