Sugar Pine Point

We all went to Sugar Pine Point State Park for hiking and swimming. Our first find along the trail was the first stage of Thunder and Lightning at Sugarpine. We recorded the coordinates and then continued on the trail.

The next cache we came to was See Der Inside. Obviously, it was inside a large, burned out, but still growing Cedar tree. But it wasn’t easy to find. Janet finally got it with persistence at 12:51 PM.

We also found the cache at The World’s Highest Working Lighthouse (although now it’s just a light on a tall pole). After we found it at 1:28 PM, we hung around playing and taking pictures for quite a while. Cortnie was jumping on the lighthouse platform and found about the only sharp edge around–she came up right underneath it and sliced her scalp. Lots of blood and tears, but luckily it closed up so we didn’t go to emergency for stitches.

We hunted for Light My Fire with no luck. It had been deactivated on July 25 after we downloaded our waypoints.

Intro to Dendro III: Calocedrus decurrens was pretty easy. In fact, when Cortnie caught up to us I gave her the GPSr and told her to follow the arrow. After a small hint about an area to search she found the hidden cache. She liked that. Completed this one at 3:09 PM.

While the rest of the crew went swimming, Dan, Janet, and I went to find the last stage of Thunder and Lightning at Sugarpine. We found the tree that had been struck by lightning at 4:15 PM.

On our way back to the house, we stopped in Tahoma for Tahoe Cottages. An easy find (although very public) at 4:22 PM. Then just a short distance away we got Tahoma Trove at 4:33 PM, although this one looked like it was in someone’s corner lot.

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