Kolob Terrace Hoodoos

Roll with the punches.” That’s what we did today, and the result was pretty nice. This being our last full day in Zion, our plan was to do a major hike into Hidden Canyon. Instead, one of us went to see a doctor—nothing serious, just inconvenient.

Mark and I took the girls and headed for Zion, but stopped first at the La Verkin overlook. From high on the bluff we did have a good view down into La Verkin and Hurricane. Hiking a little ways down a path we could see into the Virgin River gorge and noticed a canal hugging the side of the cliff. This is the Hurricane Canal, built by hand and completed in 1904. Without it, the town of Hurricane would not have been founded. On a return trip, the canal is worthy of hike to check it out.

Cortnie wanted to visit a rock shop, so we continued on to Springdale and spent some time at at one with quite a variety. By this time we were getting hungry and we drove around a bit looking for a park until I remembered the Springdale Fruit Company Market which has a very nice grassy picnic area. We waited there until Annmarie, Chase, and Karen joined us.

For the remaining part of the afternoon, we drove north on Kolob Reservoir Road and hiked out among some hoodoos. It’s an interesting place with red sandstone towers, small cliffs, distant views of high cliffs, and patches of snow.

Hoodoo off of Kolob Terrace Road

We had dinner on the patio at Oscar’s, a fitting conclusion to a nicely salvaged day.

Zion Kolob Terrace photo gallery

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