Hiking along Little Jamison Creek

Some parts of Plumas Eureka State Park are closed for toxic clean up—not uncommon in old gold mining areas. We drove to a trailhead along Little Jamison Creek and headed out toward Grass Lake, and perhaps even Rock Lake and Jamison Lake, depending on conditions.

Grass Lake

With lots of snow still on the surrounding peaks, the creek was roaring, especially at the falls. We had lunch at Grass Lake. After relaxing and playing around, the kids headed back to the trailhead—some to go geocaching and some to hit the swimming pool. Karen and I decided to continue on up the creek to see what Rock Lake was like. We started to run into more snow (at about 6,000 ft) and saw evidence of avalanches (broken off trees and debris). About half-way to the lake the trail crossed the creek. Have I mentioned the creek was roaring? We didn’t want to get wet, and we’re not keen anymore about balancing on narrow logs that are 3′ to 6′ above the water. So, we turned back.

After returning to the trailhead, we hiked through the nearby (closed) campground and up a fairly nice dirt road that wasn’t yet open due to big rocks and tree falls. We found a geocache that overlooks a couple of small waterfalls on Jamison Creek—although with the amount of water in the creek they were pretty impressive.

Jamison Creek 2011 photo gallery

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