Oh, look! My iPhone remembers where I’ve been

Where I've been since July 2010

The big flap right now with the Apple iPhone is that it stores an unencrypted file of locations it has been. Someone quickly threw together an iPhone tracker application for the Mac that reads the iPhone’s backup file. I’m not particularly concerned about this, although if I think about […]

Playing around with a new camera

Some of the first photos I shot with my new Canon camera and lens were of Carolyn and Elizabeth in available light. ISO settings on these photos were 2000 and 3200. Noise is noticeable, but not objectionable to me. The biggest challenge is the shallow depth of field at f/2.8.




Windows Phone 7 update bricks some phones

The first Windows Phone 7 update (and a minor one at that) from Microsoft is failing to install on some phones, in some cases rendering the phones inoperable. I would think Microsoft would take special care as it tries to impress the market with its smartphone OS. I wonder if Nokia is having second thoughts […]