Exercising the OSX recovery plan—this is not a drill

Last October I wrote about my system disk backup strategy. Yesterday I had occasion to put it to the test. For some unexplained reason, my nightly backup (cloning the system disk) threw a number of hard disk read errors. Booting into my system clone, and running the disk utility repair task on my original system […]

Keep WordPress and plugins up to date

Speaking from recent (bad) experiences, it is important to keep WordPress up to date with the latest release, and also keep plugins, even unactivated ones, up to date. ‘Nuff said.

Learning to program, again

I haven’t written a program since Pascal was in it’s heyday. I learned to program in FORTRAN, then picked up assembly language for a couple of different DEC mini-computers, and finally became fluent in Pascal. Notably, C is not a language I have used, nor is Unix/Linux an OS I’m really familiar with.

Learning a […]