The trail less traveled… is sometimes a mistake

Karen and I went hiking (and geocaching) today in Las Trampas Regional Park, starting from the Hemme Ave. trailhead. After bumping into Lee (Alamogul) at the trailhead we headed up a use trail along the creek. After finding the first cache, we continued on, hoping to find a fairly easy way to escape the creek […]

Photo: Grosvenor Arch, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Utah

Grosvenor Arch on a perfectly clear day in May 2012. Named in honor of Gilbert Grosvenor, long-time president of the National Geographic Society.

Sulfur Creek in Capitol Reef National Park

I think this is a remarkable photo, even though it just looks like a dirty waterfall on Sulfur Creek. First of all, this photo is hand held at 1/10 second exposure. I love Canon’s image stabilized lenses. Second, the grandkids had so much fun here. We had hiked up the creek, trying to keep our […]