Photo: South Sister

I never tire of the Sisters in the Cascade Range near Bend, Oregon.

South Sister from Elk Lake

This photo of South Sister is taken from the south end of Elk Lake. The peak has an elevation of 10,358 ft. I’ve never been higher than about 8,000 ft on its eastern flank. Photo from June, […]

Photo: Crabtree Meadows on the way to Mount Whitney

Crabtree Meadows

Hiking the John Muir Trail in August 2001 we camped in Crabtree Meadows on the way to Mount Whitney.

Photo: Burgdorf, Idaho

Burgdorf, Idaho resort cabin

Burgdorf, Idaho used to be a going hot springs resort. It’s fallen on hard times, but the hot springs swimming pool is still open. Photo taken September, 2004.