Cabot and Carl Lakes in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

Yesterday we met a young lady on the Tam McArthur Rim who suggested a hike to Carl Lake near Mt. Jefferson. She said it was a lovely hike. So, we stopped by the Forest Service office and picked up a map of the area.

Carl Lake

Since we had to pass through Sisters on our […]

Tam McArthur Rim hike, Sisters, OR

We don’t get tired of the central Oregon outdoors, so despite having been here just a few weeks ago, we returned, this time planning to do some hiking in areas that were still snow bound in June. The one downer is that we hit a bit of a heat wave, with temps in the mid-90s.


The twins at 3 months

Carolyn and Elizabeth (the twins) are 3 months old. We stopped by for a short visit and helped give them their bottles. Sometimes after their feeding they stay awake and active for a while, but not this time. But bath time got them aroused enough for some photos.

Links —Twins at 3 months photo […]