Summary: vacation to Southern Utah

I finally caught up and have posted descriptions and photos of our week in Zion and Escalante. Here’s the list of posts.

Utah vacation: second choice Biking Zion Canyon Hiking Zion—Kolob Arch A recovery day Travel to Escalante Bike riding the Burr Trail Hiking slot canyons in Escalante Grand Staircase Escalante to St. George Return […]

Our second visit with the twins

After we visited REI in Brentwood to pick up an order, we drove to the hospital in Walnut Creek. Navigating the labyrinth-like corridors we found the Birthing Center and then were granted access through two separate security doors. We finally had to show our ID when we got into the NICU.

Carolyn and Elizabeth are […]

Our first visit with our new grandkids

Precious and tiny

Tonight we visited Dan, Janet, Carolyn, and Elizabeth in the hospital. They took us one at a time in to see the twins, so I went in with Dan.

Elizabeth was unhappy and crying. Such a tiny, vigorous voice. The nurse deftly changed her position and popped the pacifier back in […]