Christmas cookies

Decorating cookies

With Christmas approaching, we need cookies; lots of them. Karen had the girls over to help decorate some of them, which they are pleased to do. I think one of the reasons Karen likes to do it is because of the good times of baking with her grandmother that she remembers. It certainly […]

From a mouse to a light pen

While I’m remembering things from 40 years ago I thought I’d write a little more about working on the PDP-1 computer. While debugging the mouse interface I wrote about previously, I added a small enhancement to the light pen. The original light pen simply set a hardware flag when the pen detected light as the […]

My first mouse

Some say the ubiquitous computer mouse was born 40 years ago in 1968 when SRI researcher Douglas Englebart demonstrated, in what author Steven Levy called “the mother of all demos,” not just a kludgey wooden-cased mouse, but the system of user interactivity based upon it. However, I can say with authority that the mouse had […]