Can this be true?

Oh. My. Goodness! Courtesy of Leadership Turn..

Think about the future

Miki Saxon (Leadership Turn) wrote in Leaders who DON’T: politicians:

“We have no leaders, let alone statesmen, just ideologues, elected by like-minded ideologues, who care only about getting reelected, bringing government money back to their constituency and making lucrative connections in the event they aren’t reelected or are caught by term limits.”

Then, in his […]

Hiking on Pleasanton Ridge

With some sunny weather today, Karen and I decided to hike, and I chose Pleasanton Ridge from the south (main) trailhead. Lots of folks were doing the same, but since we took the cutoff onto single-track, we didn’t see too many people. After gaining the ridge, we followed the Ridgeline Trail north until we came […]