Pleasanton Ridge hike with Karen

Karen and I took an almost 5 mile hike today from the Longview trailhead to the top of Pleasanton Ridge and then south for a ways. We found Fire Bellied Bush and then wanted to hunt Blue Oak Knoll Fortune. Unfortunately, the area was occupied by a number of horseback riders, so we moved on […]

Brushy Peak puzzles

Having prepared by solving a couple of puzzles, I decided today was a good day for a hike at Brushy Peak.

I started with a search for Christmas in July, a very simple puzzle cache near the airport. It’s pretty poor–a plastic baggy for a container hidden under some low growing shrubbery.


The Sorting […]

Sycamore Trees

I took a short hike in Sycamore Trees and picked up two caches, and then found another one on the way home.

While hiking, I got an idea for a nifty cache hide. It remains to be seen if I will actually develop the motivation to work on it.