East Bakersfield

Found 8 caches in east Bakersfield, mostly along the Kern River. Interestingly, a couple were up on the ridge above the river, and I saw lots of excavation for fossils (probably shark’s teeth). I used to hunt teeth to the north side of the river, but didn’t know about this area. The strata looked exactly […]

West Bakersfield

I thought I’d look for a few caches along the south part of the Kern River bike trail. Easily found the first one (a nano), but couldn’t get the second one (apparently a small micro in a pile of rocks). Then I drove into Bakersfield and found For those about to Rock… a cache I […]

Del Valle

Dan and I hiked into Del Valle from the trailhead by the dam (not the usual place we hike into Del Valle). It was a pretty good climb, but very enjoyable. We picked up 3 caches.