Paradise Preserve

Before driving home from Paradise, we went to this little preserve in Magalia. We found an access to the preserve trails, but not the main one, so we ended up not doing the cache series in the order the hider planned. It didn’t make much difference.

Our first one was Upper Ridge Nature Preserve #4 […]

Feather River Canyon

We decided to take a drive up the Feather River Canyon, but I forgot to get gas in Paradise so had to drive into Oroville. After gassing up, we stopped at the new River Bend Park to get Catch the Dream (9:58 PM). It was pretty easy to find (a magnetic key holder behind a […]

Vacation in Paradise

Today we started a much needed couple of day vacation in the Chico, Paradise, and Feather River Canyon area. After driving up, we looked around in Chico for a while, and then drove up to Paradise and checked in to our motel. After getting settled in, I walked across the parking lot to the bowling […]