Drove back to Fayetteville today, and stopped along the way for some more cache hunting. At a rest stop I found A Void N the Rush (3:25 PM). For Whom the Bell Tolls (4:40 PM) was right in front of a small church in Atkins. It was a pretty easy find, but a little tough […]

North Little Rock evening

It Takes a Village (7:28 PM) was pretty close to my motel. It was in a very public park area, so some stealth was required, but fortunately not too many folks were around. It was stuck behind some cracked plaster on a park building.

Traveling to Little Rock

On my drive from Bentonville to Little Rock (actually trying to outrun a severe thunderstorm) I hunted a few caches.

Found No Name (Oak Grove Cemetary) at 10:12 AM. Stopped in Conway for Conway Cracker-jack (10:46 PM). Another stop along the interstate at a Home Depot parking lot to get Shopping? NOT! (11:03 AM).