Laughlin Ranch, again

Cache on the Rocks popped up in Brushy Peak on the Laughlin Ranch trail. I was just out there 4 days ago. This was an easy find. There’s an interesting story DavidT21 told Dan about finding two caches with 5 feet of each other at Laughlin Ranch 1. Obviously one of them was unactivated. I […]

Laughlin Ranch

On this President’s day holiday, Karen and I found time to take a short hike at Brushy Peak and look for the latest two of Dan’s caches. Both were on the Laughlin Ranch trail.

We found Laughlin Ranch 1 at 4:12 PM in a grove of eucalyptus trees and Laughlin Ranch 2 at 4:24 PM […]

Get a coffee, find a cache

Went to Peete’s to get coffee this afternoon, and as I was driving by a puzzle cache location that I have solved but not seriously hunted, I checked things out. No muggles, which is rare. Guess the showers keep them away. So, I made a quick find on Parks N’ Livermore at 2:09 PM. Under […]