Lake Forest late afternoon

We drove down to Lake Forest today for a stay at the Comfort Inn Suites. This is an isolated motel, but that tends to keep it quiet and relaxing. In the late afternoon we went walking on the nearby Serrano Creek trail and found a few caches.

We first looked for This Old Oak, but […]

Christmas day

Surprisingly, there were no family dinners this day. All the family get togethers happened yesterday. So towards the end of the day I headed out to look for Wasco’s War Ghosts.

I was surprised at the number of people visiting the Wasco Cemetery on Christmas. There were at least 4 cars when I arrived, and […]


Why do I geocache?

I find that an interesting question, and the answer seems to be evolving. I did not buy my GPSr (originally a yellow Garmin eTrex) for geocaching, but for hiking. On several occasions (early season hiking on snow around Bend, OR; in the isolated canyons of southern Utah) the co-pilot and I […]