Maya Silver on Mission Peak

Off to Mission Peak with Dan to get new caches and some I didn’t get last spring. The hike took us to the top again.

The Maya Silver series of caches has an engaging story that fits the location for each cache. The caches are not difficult hides, but the overall hike 7 to 8 […]

A couple of puzzles and more

I’ve not paid much attention to fizzymagic’s puzzles for some time, but got motivated to try one last night. Linear Vuct: Rationale is a matrix division problem. I don’t remember how to do that, but a bit of web searching helped me out, and applying a tool that I found, the answer just popped out. […]

An after lunch run

Cognitive is a new puzzle cache. Dan got FTF just after midnight. I wasn’t very cognitive, because I didn’t see the obvious puzzle solution at first. After solving, it was a quick find at 1:24 PM. Then I drove back to Livermore to find Rosemary Maybe based on Dan’s very specific hint. In my opinion, […]