Tallac historical area

Today we went to the South Lake Tahoe area, specifically the Tallac Historical area where there are three large historical estates that are now a state park. Lucky Baldwin Virtual Cache was the first one we found at 12:27 PM. It’s at a marker and we needed some info from the marker.

Then we […]

Tahoe, ho!

Today we started our week long vacation with the kids at Lake Tahoe (except we do have to return tomorrow night for a Tuesday morning pre-op appointment in Walnut Creek). We caravaned up with Dan and Janet, stopping along the way for some cache hunting. Dan had a couple marked in Stockton, but we DNF’d […]

Why do I geocache?

Frivlas asked in a GBA forum why people geocache, which caused me to dig a little deeper into my motivations. Reasons others gave included getting into the outdoors, finding new places, learning about new things, and meeting new people. Those are benefits that I resonate with, but all those are possible without geocaching.

There must […]