Spark’s Lake

One of our favorite hikes in the Bend area is the trail to Green Lakes at the base of South Sister. We hiked in about a mile until the snow began to get pretty rough to walk on and then decided we’d try something else.

That something else was a series of caches in […]

Tam McArthur, Not

Little Three Creeks Lake

Looking for a good long hike, we drove up to 3 Creeks Lake to check out hunting for Tam McArthur. After just a few steps up the trail and post-holing in over my knees in snow we decided that wasn’t a good idea. We hiked up to Little 3 Creeks […]

McKenzie Pass, the hard way

We wanted to do a bike ride today, and since the McKenzie Highway was still closed to vehicle traffic this was the perfect time to ride from Sisters to the McKenzie Pass. The weather was just beautiful. It’s a solid uphill climb, but nothing too steep. At the top we logged the Dee Wright Observatory […]