Through the Alamo

Karen had an eye doctor appointment this morniing at Park Shadelands in Walnut Creek, so while she was doing that I grabbed a cache. Sacramento Northern Railroad #4 —Spreckels was nearby, and after I found a place to park it was a quick find. The cache is a glass jar on the creek side of […]

Just a couple today

I tried looking for Annealed Ovum (again—had a try yesterday), but couldn’t find it. However, I scored a Steel Wheels locationless cache that was right nearby. Very interesting to find an old tractor like this in someone’s backyard.

Old Fordham tractor in Livermore

So after this, I wandered over to another new fizzymagic hide—Growl. […]

President’s Birthday—Monday

It rained a lot during the night, but the morning was better. We packed up, cleaned the house, and headed out towards Cambria for some cache hunting on the way home.

We stopped In Harmony. Looked for a while, used the hint, and looked some more. I think we looked in every place that met […]