Las Trampas hike

Karen and I spent the afternoon hiking in Las Trampas, and grabbing some caches as the trail came near one. It had to be pot luck like this, because I didn’t know which trail to take to get to specific caches. I remedied that this evening by calibrating a Las Trampas map, so the next […]

CVC comes to Alamo

A number of CVC cachers decided to come to Alamo to hunt the Wait Until Dark cache. Dan and I decided to go along, even though we had just done it, in order to get acquainted with some fellow cachers. Then, Team Alamo organized a pizza get together afterward, and a lot more Bay Area […]


Found Altamont N’ Vasco after delivering a table to Dan this evening. Surprisingly quick with a flashlight. I’m surprised I didn’t see it a couple of days ago during the day. Anyway, it’s a small step toward more.