Caching in Pleasanton

21 Nov 2004 3:15 AM No Change Required (Pleasanton, CA)

I had looked here before, but wasn’t thinking about the title, and I let the hint completely mislead me. I finally realized where I should be looking, so went to check today. As I drove up today, I noticed three guys leaving the area, writing […]

A dismal day

Actually, the day was beautiful, but the geocaching was dismal. I proposed to the co-pilot (Karen) that we hike at Las Trampas and find a number of the caches hidden there. I didn’t give her enough warning and she had lots of other things already planned. So I went alone, but decided not to go […]

Just three caches today

18 Nov 2004 4:15 PM Arroyo Mocho (Pleasanton, CA)

Figuring out where to park for Arroyo Mocho was more time consuming that finding the cache. Turns out I could have parked quite close, but a Zone 7 truck was already parked there.

18 Nov 2004 1:00 PM Some caches we haven’t seen (Pleasanton, CA)

Some […]